We warmly welcome you all to this website that is fully dedicated to helping children and the elderly in Kenya. Thanks to your help we will be able to change the lose of these children's lives in the Acts of Mercy orphanage. It is important to know the sense of Acts of Mercy. Not only is it important to give these children a better life- these children that have been left behind by their parents- but so that they have someone to hug, have food in their stomachs and an education. All of this is important but maybe the most important is to teach these children that good isn't only for them and that it doesn't stop at them.

   The giver of good for these children ensures that this good is given to them constantly. The guardian of Acts of Mercy, Joseph, teaches his children in a wonderful way. Alongside Joseph, the children often visit the old and share their food with them. It's miraculous seeing how little someone has,yet they can share with another person. When these children grow up they'll be able to understand the struggle of others; they'll be able to help the people around them.