The most important residents Acts of Mercy: 
In Acts of Mercy there are 119 wonderful children, orphaned, lonely, and struggling with many different sicknesses.
All these children fell into the care of one magnificent person, Joseph.
Let's meet all the different children that live within Acts of Mercy:

7 boys and girls between the ages of 0-5.
4 boys and girls between the ages of 5-7.
80 boys and girls between the ages of 7-15 who go to the Act of Mercy school, grades 1-7.
17 boys and girls 16 and older who go to different secondary boarding schools around Kenya.
11 boys and girls that are disabled.

Acts of Mercy is to provide these children with basic needs, spiritual care, love and protection. Acts of Mercy has 17 children which should go to secondary school.The shortage of money is the cause for not all the children being able to go to school.Our goal is to provide an education for all these children in Acts of Mercy.The tuition for one student is about $150 per semester (we have three semesters in a school year). $150 this is covers the books, school uniform and one meal a day. It would be marvelous if there would be people willing to finance these children's education.We will be very thankful for all the help.

Acts of Mercy is funded purely via donations from individuals. Acts of Mercy has no access to any central funding.

How you can help: In spirit - by praying.

Materialistically - donating however much you would like.

"Love multiplies when it's shared".