Be Our Volunteer If you fell in love with Acts of Mercy,if you feel that you can do more for us, and if you have the energy to do more, then this is just for you. Be a volunteer for our foundation. One of the ways that you can help us is by spreading the word about us.Get the word out about us to not only the people that already know about us but more importantly to the people that still have yet to know about this fantastic foundation. Here are some tools for you:BANNER If you run your own blog or if you have your own website then you could put our banner on there. On there you'll find the most important information about Acts of Mercy. You can also encourage your friends into adding our banner onto their blog and/or website. Your help is really needed. It is thanks to all of you that we can reach every corner of the world, everywhere that we would like Acts of Mercy to be known but that we won't be able to travel to.

Download banner (zip - gif)